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Musical Quest


A musical quest can take many forms.  It could be a professional career in music, such as concert pianist, composer, piano teacher, or music teacher.  Or, it could be to learn the songs you love.  No matter what your musical quest might be, the journey you're about to begin will require a passion for music and a commitment to practice.  Together, the result will certainly be gratifying.    



Sometimes, making progress on your instrument can seem quite slow.  But over time, you will develop skills that will open new worlds of music making.  There are endless possibilities in life, provided you are passionate about them.



Our teachers will guide you on a musical journey through music lessons; providing encouragement, correcting your mistakes, and offering you positive, well directed feedback.  Keep the lines of communication open with them so they can be your companion on the road to attaining your musical goals. 

Founder’s Notes 


Our greatest desire is to inspire our students.  Inspire them to develop abilities needed to discover the wonder and beauty of music throughout their lives.  Effective teachers understand the knowledge their students possess and find ways to tap into that knowledge and build upon it each day.  It gives us immense pride and joy to find approaches to learning that make sense to each student at any level.  We believe in creating an atmosphere that is enjoyable, conducive to learning, encourages dialogue, and sets the stage for a lifetime of music making.   

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